A Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Augustine Discusses Adjuster Lowballing

personal injury lawyer in St. AugustineInsurance companies and adjusters will use whatever information they can to pay the lowest possible settlements. A personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine can shed some light on ways adjusters try to lowball claimants.

For personal injury cases, claims representatives do their homework. They will check on a claimant’s employment status, knowing that those who are unemployed are more likely to take smaller settlements. As your personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine can tell you, claims representatives also investigate to see whether a claimant is rich or owns property. Juries usually are not sympathetic to the wealthy and often won’t award them significant settlements. An insurance adjuster may also go digging into a claimant’s health to see if he or she has a terminal illness. If the claimant has an incurable disease, the adjuster will take into consideration whether the person will live long enough to file a lawsuit and collect damages.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Augustine Explains Insurance Companies’ Internal Policies

Often, the insurance adjuster will let the claimant know that the insurer’s policy does not allow for certain damages. However, a personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine knows that this often violates good faith claims practices. Examples of damages are: lost wages, transportation costs, long distance phone calls and court expenses for children with attorneys.

Income lost by a claimant due to something related to the accident should be covered—for instance, taking time off to get an estimate on car damage and taking the car to and from the body shop. Transportation costs, such as travel expenses related for doctor’s visits, and long distance phone call charges should also be considered proximate cause damages. Finally, any court expenses related to children with attorneys should be considered proximate cause damages. If it is being done simply for the insurance company’s benefit, the damages should be paid for by the insurer. When a child does not have counsel, the insurer pays the court and attorney’s fees associated with a child’s agreement by Superior Court. Insurance companies can only put up a fight when a child has representation.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Augustine for Assistance

Insurance adjusters will use many tactics to lowball claimants. If you were involved in an accident and have legal questions, contact personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine Patrick Canan at 904-824-9402.

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