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Injured In a Car Crash?- 8 Parties Who Could Be Liable

Follow Us Determining who is at fault for your auto collision isn’t an easy affair — and your St. Augustine auto accident attorney can help you determine who was the most responsible. Anyone in a recent crash should look below … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Failing to Stop or Yield to an Emergency Vehicle

Follow Us Florida has stiff penalties against drivers who fail to yield or stop for emergency vehicles. In addition to criminal penalties, a driver who fails to yield may face civil consequences if another person is injured. A Ponte Vedra accident … Continue reading

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After Attorneys Fees, Medical Bills, and Other Costs, Will There Be Anything Left for Me?

Follow Us Some people worry that there will not be any compensation money left after medical bills, attorney fees, and other unexpected charges. However, if you work with a skilled St. Augustine accident attorney, you should retain a decent amount of … Continue reading

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What to Do Following an Accident

Follow Us The immediate aftermath of an unexpected automobile, truck, motorcycle or boating accident can often be a frenzied period of chaos and confusion. Of course, your car accident lawyer will advise that the first step to take following a collision … Continue reading

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15 Liability Factors in a Fall Case

Follow Us Your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine may discuss some of the following liability factors with you that may potentially affect your personal injury case: slick conditions due to rain or ice, warning signs, or debris that was left … Continue reading

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