Our Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney Describes Filing a Claim

car accident Jacksonville Auto Accident AttorneyFiling an insurance claim after an accident is only the beginning of receiving a fair and reasonable settlement after a car accident. A knowledgeable Jacksonville auto accident attorney can help you at any stage of the process, including just knowing what to expect. After a claim is filed the insurance company will likely contact you via a claims adjusted. The claims adjuster is seeking information about the accident and any losses or damages you are claiming related to the accident. The adjuster will likely provide you with a claims form and also request information to prove or document any loses. The job of the adjuster is determine whether the insurance company will cover the accident and, if so, how much. If the accident is complicated or involves multiple vehicles, the insurance company may decide to open a more formal investigation and attempt to determine who is at fault. Jacksonville auto accident attorneys are experienced advocates who can help you through the investigation process and deal directly with the insurance company. They understand how the process works and how to get results. The assignment of fault is an important part of the insurance company’s formal investigation and fault will almost always be assigned, even if fault is allocated between more than one party. Just because you were not cited by the police does not mean the insurance company cannot determine that you were at fault. The assignment of fault determines what and how much your insurance will pay and also determines how much your premium will increases.

The Effects

The assignment of fault can be contested and successfully contesting fault can make a big difference both in terms of what the insurance company will cover and money saved in future premiums. When considering contesting fault remember that the adjuster works for the insurance company and the insurance company, in assigning fault, is looking out for its own financial interests – not yours.

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