Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney Helps Clients Understand Insurance Claim Problems

Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney Wood gavel Insurers have claims adjusters on staff to analyze whether damage amounts make sense, as your Jacksonville auto accident attorney will tell you. It is the adjuster’s responsibility to prevent the company from paying out too much in claims. The problem for you is that your case is legitimate. You probably need that money you always thought would be forthcoming after an accident. Now, you see that the insurer might balk, not pay at all or offer a reduced amount. It is important that you not take being questioned by an insurance claims adjuster personally. They usually have so much paperwork in front of them that they have little time to take an interest in a particular claim, unless there are so-called red flags. These out of the ordinary, suspicious items can lead to an investigation. It is thus always in your best interest, when filing an insurance claim, to know what tends to catch adjusters’ attentions. To help you and your Jacksonville auto accident attorney better prepare a claim that will avoid unnecessary scrutiny, here are some things that will make the company take an unwanted second look.

Medical Report Discrepancies

Does the listed treatment match the medical report? It is important that these two items correspond. The claims adjuster should not be in a position to have to interpret the information. Yes, there are multiple names for some treatments. You should use the exact name as listed on the medical report. Otherwise, there may be a need to explain later just what the treatment entailed. Any such delay means more time that you will have to go without much needed funds.

Type of Doctor Visited

It is an unfortunate reality that the type of doctor you visited matters. Some medical fields, such as acupuncture, may not warrant as much legitimacy in the minds of insurance claim adjusters as others. A traditional doctor, who can document his or her treatments to dissuade any questions, is much preferred over one using harder to verify techniques.

Number of Doctor Visits

Medical visits are fairly expensive. The insurer will undoubtedly want you to have as few as possible. If you submit a claim showing a large number of doctor visits, while not demonstrating much improvement, then the adjuster may ask questions. The insurer will believe that you have wasted money and will want to investigate the doctor and you.

Certain Doctors

Insurers maintain records on doctors who appear regularly in their claim files. One purpose of doing so is to ascertain which of them might be providing fraudulent medical records. It is probably the case that you are not part of the fraud; however, an investigation into the doctor can mean a serious delay in your claim. It is important to ask your trusted Jacksonville auto accident attorney for advice on choosing a respected physician.

Contact a Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney

If you need help with an insurance claim, contacting a Jacksonville auto accident attorney, such as one at Canan Law, at (904) 824-9402, would be the wise choice.

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