A Jacksonville Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Why Taking Notes After an Accident Is Important

Jacksonville Auto Accident Lawyer (2)There are many cases in which it would have been helpful to a Jacksonville auto accident lawyer if the injured person had taken the time to take notes about their accident immediately after it occurred. Many people are bewildered or in shock following an accident, due to the stress and adrenaline involved. If you have been injured in a car crash, here is why taking notes about what occurred and what you suffered as soon as possible is so important.

Notes Written Soon After an Accident Are More Reliable

As time passes, people’s memories fade, making notes written later less reliable than those written immediately after an accident’s occurrence. Courts thus look more favorably upon notes written nearer to the accident’s date and time than those written later. As soon as you are able to do so, you should thus make notes about what happened. This should include the time and date of the accident, its location, weather and road conditions and the makes and models of the involved vehicles. You should also list all people who might have seen the accident and exactly what happened. If you can, try to write it all down in a play-by-play sequence.

Writing About Your Injuries

Some symptoms may not show up for a while after the accident, so it is important that you see a doctor immediately to get a thorough medical examination. Doing so will help to document any injuries you have received while also helping to prevent more significant ones from happening. You should list every injury, including such things as discomfort in your neck. This may later develop into an injury for which you could incur thousands of dollars of treatment costs that will be more difficult to recover if nothing was documented. When you document your injuries, you should write about what effect they have on your day-to-day life, your level of comfort and the frequency of symptoms you experience. Documenting injuries doesn’t just mean writing about physical ones. If you have suffered mentally from the accident, document those injuries as well. This includes anxiety, depression and other mental health problems indicative of the trauma you experienced. If you experience those types of symptoms, you should also seek help from a mental health professional.

Documenting Other Financial Losses

Through a personal injury case, you may recover for financial losses you have suffered apart from just your medical expenses and your property losses. In order to help your Jacksonville auto accident lawyer to recover everything you should, it is important you document these other financial losses as well. This can include income you may have lost from missing work or being forced to work on a reduced schedule. It can also include such things as appointments you were forced to miss, job opportunities you lost or any other benefits you would have otherwise received if not for your accident.

Recording Conversations

Equally important for you to do is to carefully document every conversation you have about the accident with insurance agents, witnesses and medical providers. You should again note the date and time that the conversation occurred, the person or persons to whom you were speaking and exactly what each of you said. If possible, try to get the person to agree to allow you to record the conversation for your notes using a micro-recorder or your cell phone. Otherwise, write the notes down on paper. If they do agree, clearly state the date, time and both of your names at the start of the conversation. This may greatly help to prevent your case from devolving later into a he-said, she-said battle as you both claim something different was communicated. While going to the trouble of writing all of this information down may seem like a lot of work, it can go a long way towards helping you to receive the maximum recovery of damages for the injuries you have suffered. Taking notes may help you to reach a fair settlement in your case much more quickly.

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