Understanding the Tactics of Reasonable Mid-Sized Insurance Companies with a Palatka Auto Accident Attorney

Palatka Auto Accident AttorneyYour Palatka auto accident attorney can explain the way mid-sized insurance companies with a reputation for being reasonable will approach a claim.

Gauging the Strategies of Insurance Companies with a Palatka Auto Accident Attorney

Like any other business selling a product, there are various kinds of auto insurance companies with differing strategies and philosophies. Some use intensive advertising campaigns while others prefer to simply provide what they consider quality products at a fair price and let the sales happen naturally. With companies that advertise their excellent claims department and have low-priced premiums, the chances are that they will be conservative when it comes to paying claims against them. This is how they are able to spend so much money on their ubiquitous advertising campaigns. If, however, a company does not spend a lot of time or money on advertising, it is probable that the case will be settled reasonably without the need to go through with a lawsuit. Some of these insurers are local while others are national. These types of carriers will be known to your Palatka auto accident attorney. They will prefer to mediate a case and will look at how strong the plaintiff’s case is instead of finding small issues to pick apart.

How Claims Adjusters Differ in Mid-Sized, Reasonable Insurers

Your Palatka auto accident attorney will be familiar with how the claims adjusters who work for the mid-sized, reasonable insurers operate. Their strategies are substantially different from the larger, more conservative companies. A different strategy must be used when there is a claim against the mid-sized companies. An inexperienced lawyer might not be able to predict how these companies handle claims and an adjuster’s intent. For example, it might be misread into thinking that the adjuster has set a hard line in the negotiations when it is actually the opposite. One attorney’s experience can shed some light into this phenomenon. A case was worked on for several months. The lawyer sent a package with demands to the adjuster and waited for a reply. After one month passed, there was still no response. A letter was written by the attorney and sent to the adjuster. One more month passed. The attorney began to call the adjuster with no response. Eventually, after three months, the lawyer filed a lawsuit and sent another polite letter saying that it was still possible to negotiate a settlement. The adjuster called back for a meeting regarding this case and other cases. When she arrived for the meeting, she apologized. They spoke about the way they handle these cases and their philosophies. After that, reasonable settlement offers were made on all of the cases they were working on together. This adjuster is frequently late in replying, but she is always willing to be reasonable.

Call an Experienced Palatka Auto Accident Attorney

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