How a Jacksonville Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You through the Claims Maze

Jacksonville Auto Accident LawyerOver the years, every Jacksonville auto accident attorney has discovered the dastardly techniques that insurance companies use to delay settlements and avoid paying insurance claims. Insurance companies won’t think twice about stonewalling you or passing your claim from adjuster to adjuster just to prevent you from getting a fair and timely payment.


Many companies will stonewall you by saying that your claim needs to be reviewed by a special committee when there is no such department or when the issue can easily be handled in the office. They may also ask you to sign and submit the same forms repeatedly. Stonewalling is used to test your resolve, delay payments and give adjusters time to handle other claims.

False Statements

Insurance companies sometimes delay settlements by stating that the policyholder is not cooperating with the investigation when they already have enough information to complete your claim. These false statements are commonly used to intimidate claimants.

Procedural Delays

Insurance companies and adjusters know exactly which documents and information are required to resolve a claim. However, they can delay the process by requesting small bits of information here and there. This piecemeal distribution of facts and forms can drag the claims process out over months.

Assigning New Claims Adjusters

Your claim will go to the back of the pile if the insurance company assigns you a new adjuster. The same problem can happen with companies that have a high turnover. With new claims coming in, adjusters have little chance of catching up on older claims. Some insurance companies reassign claims to different adjusters every month or every few weeks to delay the process. Unfortunately, the new adjuster won’t be up to speed on your case, and you may have to resubmit your information. After dealing with delays and multiple claims adjusters, it’s advisable to turn to a Jacksonville auto accident lawyer with experience negotiating insurance settlements and dealing with the industry’s tactics.

Contact a Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney

If you have not been able to resolve your claim through an insurance adjuster, an attorney can help. To discuss your case with a qualified Jacksonville auto accident attorney, call Canan Law at 904-824-9402.

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