Our Jacksonville Auto Accident Lawyer Explains How to Prove Your Lost Income

Jacksonville Auto Accident LawyerYou are entitled to recover any income you lost, due to an accident or resulting injuries, whether you are employed full-time, part-time, or self-employed. This includes the time you are unable to work, time you missed while receiving treatment for injuries, and future work you are unable to perform. Our Jacksonville auto accident attorney explains how to prove your present and future lost wages.

Lost Wages

Lost wages includes lost pay, deduction of sick or vacation time, requirement to make up the lost time in the future, and lost opportunities. To prove lost wages, you must show how much work-time you lost and how much you could have earned had you been able to work.

Your Jacksonville auto accident lawyer can prove your lost income by cross-referencing your medical and employment records to confirm that you were absent or received reduced pay because of:

  • Treatment
  • Doctor ordered no work
  • Doctor ordered limited duties

Irregular or Self-Employment

To show the time you missed, if you are self-employed or worked irregularly, your Jacksonville auto accident attorney can refer to documents such as:

  • Decreased billing or invoices,
  • Cancelled appointments, meetings, or conferences you were unable to attend.

If you worked steadily, then your Jacksonville auto accident lawyer can calculate your average earnings by referring to your billing, invoices, payments received, etc. If you work sporadically, then the value of your lost work time can be determined by dividing your annual income, evidenced by your prior income tax returns, into a weekly or monthly average.

Loss of Future Earnings

Expert opinion is often needed to determine your lost future earnings. Common factors to be considered are:

  • Time until anticipated full recovery
  • You limitations and capabilities once you reach maximum recovery if your injuries are long-term or not expected full recovery
  • Analysis of the nature of your current duties and any prospective duties you are trained and qualified to carry out in light of your limitations
  • Forecast of the income you could have reasonably earned had you not been injured, contrasted with what you can be reasonably expected to earn post-injury
  • Advancement you could reasonably have earned

Consult a Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney

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