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Our Jacksonville Auto Accident Attorney on the “Reasonable Person” Standard

Follow Us In general, liability for damages in personal injury law requires a finding that another person was negligent in his or her actions, which caused you harm. In today’s world, there are innumerable interactions with many people, and sometimes … Continue reading

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How Can I Convince the Insurance Company That My Claim Is Valid?

Follow Us If you are currently dealing with your insurance company, here are some steps you can take to convince them your claim is valid. To learn more, watch the video below in order to learn how to successfully get … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why a Sober Individual May Fail a Field Sobriety Test

Follow Us You might automatically assume that your poor performance on a field sobriety test means that you were driving while impaired. However, this might not be the case, and you may well be sober. Read on for more information … Continue reading

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Advice for Avoiding (Another) Drunk Driving Arrest

Follow Us Being arrested for DUI often has severe penalties: fines, suspension of your driver’s license or a mandatory ignition interlock device on your car. But even these pale in comparison to the penalties you will face from a second … Continue reading

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Why a Claim May Be Reduced

Follow Us Circumstances may arise in which the value of a claim is lessened, a situation called lowballing. Your personal injury attorney in St. Augustine has the experience, skills and knowledge needed to assist you in such situations. Tax Advantages Your personal … Continue reading

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What Will Happen If I Refuse to Take Field Sobriety or Breath Tests

Follow Us Chances are, if you are pulled over by the police on suspicion of DUI, you will be asked to take a sobriety or breath test. You might be afraid that refusing to take the test is the same … Continue reading

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How Claims Representatives Delay Your Claim

Follow Us Claims Representatives are known for purposely delaying a response or action on a claim. A quality St Augustine accident lawyer will keep contact with the insurance companies and pursue appropriate actions against them should they continue to ignore your claim. … Continue reading

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Drunk Driving Arrest May Lead to a Trip to the DMV

Follow Us Driving under the influence is not restricted to a criminal offense with penalties such as jail time and probation. Under certain circumstances, you may also be civilly liable for DUI and can face penalties such as license suspension. … Continue reading

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Factors That Influence Case Value

Follow Us There are various factors that will affect the value of your case, including medical bills and records. For more information on this matter, retain an experienced St. Augustine accident attorney today. A St. Augustine Accident Attorney Explains the Importance of … Continue reading

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The Presentence Interview

Follow Us In this article, a St. Augustine criminal defense attorney addresses the role of the attorney in the presentencing interview. The Prevailing Stance The presentencing interview is not seen as confrontational. Thus, there is nothing that gives the defendant the right … Continue reading

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