Making an Effective Opening Statement

A skilled Jacksonville DUI lawyer will be able to make a powerful opening statement that persuades the jury of the client’s innocence from the outset.
Jacksonville DUI lawyerA Strong Start to a DUI Case Begins With a Successful Opening Statement

The opening statement is a potential game changer for the DUI case. If the opening was particularly effective, the jurors can reach a conclusion after hearing it, with the ensuing evidence merely solidifying their positions. Unfortunately, often both prosecutors and DUI defense attorneys either do not realize the potential of opening statements or fail to take full advantage of the opportunity to present a winning theme during the opening statement.

What an Effective DUI Attorney Says in the Opening Statement

How your Jacksonville DUI lawyer will approach opening statements will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. But for an opening statement to be effective, the attorney must describe for the jury the most important aspects in the client’s story, and successfully raise doubts regarding the numbers from the DUI chemical test.

As the opening statement often sets the tone for the whole DUI defense theory of the case, your attorney must establish a theme. It is important for him to use the facts to depict a compelling story about the client’s life, instead of presenting the occurrence as just a straightforward collection of related facts. To do this, your Jacksonville DUI lawyer will need to gain insight into the client’s story by acquiring all of the details of the DUI arrest. Your attorney will:

  • Ask for the client’s reaction to the police officer saying, “You’re under arrest;”
  • Retrace the roads or locations (in person) driven by his or her client immediately before being pulled over;
  • Ask the client to recount his or her discussion with the employer, spouse, or parents when he or she disclosed the DUI arrest.
  • Relive the DUI arrest sequence with the client step-by-step by reenacting the actual scene.

By taking these steps, a DUI attorney will be able gain an in-depth understanding regarding the DUI defendant’s story and use that knowledge to properly present it to the jury.

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