Subjects of Discussion with your DUI attorney

Subjects of Discussion with your DUI attorney

It will be important for your St. Johns County DUI lawyer to cover all important elements of your DUI case to get you ready for any ramifications and obligation.

St. Johns County DUI lawyerExplanation of your DUI case

Your St. Johns County DUI lawyer should properly educate you on the elements of the offense, which the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to win a conviction. If some elements are missing, you can provide the necessary information in order to win an acquittal.

Your attorney should inform you of what to expect in the process of a criminal justice system, the consequences of any conviction, plea negotiation, or other alternative sentencing.

More importantly, he or she must provide a clear explanation of the drunk driving (or other underlying) charge, and all the possible consequences resulting from the charge, which includes:

  • All workable defenses and potential fines;
  • In accidents cases, whether you might be responsible for paying damages for any injuries;
  • The results of a conviction, including the maximum and minimum penalties allowed by law.
  • Any chances the driver’s license can be revoked or suspended;
  • Any alcohol education or rehabilitation programs permissible as a alternative to sentencing; and
  • Projected increase of insurance premiums resulting from the charge.

Perjury and financial obligation

One of the most important issues your St. Johns County DUI lawyer must discuss with you is perjury. Perjury is lying under oath. In addition to reminding you to testify truthfully at all times at your trial, your attorney should also brief you on the consequences of committing perjury, including any potential penalties and the necessary steps your attorney must to take if he or she uncovers your plan to lie on the stand.

Finally, your DUI lawyer will explain how you will compensate him or her and have you sign a written fee arrangement which states that you understand your obligation and will meet it. Your fee will cover any amount of necessary retainer, the cost of expert testimony, if required, and the costs of any disbursements and assessment of the total charges. Your attorney will discuss your financial obligation in a timely and transparent manner to fulfill the ethical requirements and prevent future conflicts.

St. Johns County DUI lawyer Patrick Canan will work tirelessly to fight for your rights and secure your freedom in your DUI case. Please call his law offices at 904-824-9402 for a free initial consultation.

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